Phase Four Tapped by Astro Digital as Certified Propulsion Provider for Landmapper Constellation and the Corvus Satellite Product Line; Will Act as Reseller for Phase Four Thrusters

Phase Four Tapped by Astro Digital as Certified Propulsion Provider for Landmapper Constellation and the Corvus Satellite Product Line; Will Act as Reseller for Phase Four Thrusters

Electric propulsion pioneer to supply in-space thrusters for satellite imagery and data collection

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., May 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Phase Four, a provider of electric radio frequency (RF) thrusters for in-space propulsion, today announced it has partnered with Astro Digital, a global imaging and analysis company that develops a platform for fast and easy access to satellite imagery, on a supply and resale agreement. As part of a two-pronged agreement, Phase Four will supply Astro Digital with multiple thrusters for its Landmapper data-collection constellation, while the resale portion of the agreement enables Astro Digital to couple and market its satellite products with Phase Four's propulsion system to meet the needs of the dynamic satellite industry.

"Phase Four has designed a propulsion solution that provides our satellites and our customers' satellites with greater flexibility, maneuverability and a longer lifespan," said Chris Biddy, Co-founder and CEO of Astro Digital. "Together, we're on the cusp of giving people greater access to space."

Using plasma propulsion technology, Phase Four produces electric radio frequency thrusters at a lower cost and less than 10 percent mass and volume of other high-performance systems. On April 16, the company announced performance test results by The Aerospace Corporation that revealed Phase Four's RF thrusters performed on-par with today's costly and overly complex state-of-the-art Hall Effect Thrusters (HETs).

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, Astro Digital manufactures and operates small satellites supporting its own Landmapper Earth Observation constellation as well as other commercial customer missions. According to the company, the addition of the Phase Four technology will increase its platforms' operational lifespan by as much as two years and provide greater mission flexibility.

"This agreement with Astro Digital provides Phase Four with the foundation of true industry credibility," said Simon Halpern, Founder and CEO of Phase Four. "We're happy and excited to be working with a company that believes in the work that we're doing, the products we're building, and shares our passion for space and exploration."

About Phase Four
Based in El Segundo, California, Phase Four is enabling the exponential growth of satellite constellations by solving the satellite's costliest problem, the propulsion system. The company's electrode-less RF thruster is the smallest plasma propulsion system available today, and can be scaled for use from CubeSat to SmallSat to school bus-sized satellites. By eliminating the most common failure points in incumbent technologies - electrodes, high-voltage electronics, and complex fabrication - Phase Four has built a system that is reliable and offers high-performance with baked-in manufacturability. Designed with tomorrow's satellites and constellations in mind, the P4 RF thruster brings SmallSat the same performance levels of large satellites, in a simpler form factor. Phase Four is proof that high performance can come in small packages. Visit us at:

About Astro Digital
Astro Digital is enabling big data analytics from space. We monitor Earth from space with open data and through our constellation of multi-spectral satellites, with dedicated software for imagery analysis and distribution. With 20 engineers based in Santa Clara, California, we're monitoring commercially active land use to model global change and analyze local activity for a variety of business needs. For more info, visit:



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