F/A-XX fighter (Next Generation Air Dominance)

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Previously known as F/A-XX, the Next Generation Air Dominance platform will be a sixth-generation air superiority fighter that will replace the Navy's fleet of F/A-18E/F Super Hornets at around 2025. The service first identified the requirement in June 2008.

The Navy first issued a formal request for information for the F/A-XX in April of 2012, which called for an air-superiority fighter with multi-role capabilities that would be able to repalce the Super Hornet as well as the EA-18G Growler at some point in the 2030s. The Navy hasn't yet defined what this aircraft will look like; some possibilities include the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, the UCLASS unmanned aircraft, or an entirely new platform built from the ground up.


Not available on the international market.