Gigamon Acquired By Private Investors

The network monitoring solutions firm Gigamon, Inc., last week was acquired by the private investment firm Elliott Management and Qatar’s state-owned management fund Qatar Investment Authority for $1.6 billion.

Gigamon CEO Paul Hooper. Photo: Gigamon

Gigamon CEO Paul Hooper. Photo: Gigamon

“With the acquisition complete, our team will continue to execute strategic initiatives that will both empower our customers with new, rich functionality and drive Gigamon to the next level of growth,” Paul Hooper, the company’s CEO, said in a statement on Dec. 27. “As a private company, we will continue to build upon our leading technology foundation and transform the market we created and lead.”

Gigamon has customers in the financial services, healthcare, high technology and public sectors. The company’s software helps operators gain greater visibility of their networks for cyber security and monitoring purposes.

“With our Security Delivery Platform, we are in a unique position to enable NetOps and SecOps teams to work together addressing the common goal of security their enterprise while containing costs and minimizing complexity,” Hooper said.

Elliot’s investment is being led by its private equity affiliate, Evergreen Coast Capital.

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