Earnings News & Notes

Analogic [ALOG]

                                2Q18                      2Q17                     

Sales                       $129.2M                $131.55M

Net Inc.                    $6.5M, 0.52           $7.5M, 0.59

Net income slipped 13% due to a one-time $6.5 million, 51 cents earnings per share, charge related to new tax law. Excluding one-time charges in both quarters, adjusted earnings rose 27% to $16 million. Sales fell 2% on a decline in the Medical Imaging segment, the company’s largest. Security and Detection segment revenue was up 18% to $22.3 million driven by strong demand for high-speed explosive detection systems from international customers and a $1 million, one-time recovery payment from a customer for the Rapid DNA system.

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