DARPA Seeks Proposals for Hyperadsorptive Sampling Technology

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a Broad Agency Announcement under the Hyperadsorptive Atmospheric Sampling Technology (HAST) program that seeks to develop systems that permit exhaustive, accurate, and economical collection of atmospheric trace constituents to support chemical mapping of urban and military environments. In a second phase of the program a complete system that weighs less than one kilogram including power, indexing for 100 samples and GPS geolocation will be demonstrated. For the current effort DARPA seeks proposals in hyperadsorptive materials, packaging and analyte extraction. Sol. No. BAA07-64. Respond by Nov. 6. Contact: Peter Haaland, program manager, STO, 703-248-1517, BAA07-64@darpa.mil.

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