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Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch Delayed To Jan. 2 Or Later; Frustrating Intermittent Sensor-Data Woe Again Blocks Liftoff

Experts Suspect Wiring Or Connectors At Fault; Panel To Make Recommendations Tomorrow NASA Loses Bid For Four Shuttle Launches In 2007, But Gerstenmaier Says Space Station Will Be Completed Putting astronaut crew safety first, NASA has mandated a weeks-long troubleshooting delay for a scheduled space shuttle flight. A maddening intermittent malfunction in an external fuel […]

Russia Claims Its New ICBM Thwarts U.S. Missile Defense Shield

U.S.-Russian Talks Set To Begin On European Missile Defense System Russia Saturday test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that it claims can defeat the U.S. ballistic missile defense shield. Whether true or not, the announcement of testing on the RS-12M Topol, or SS-25 Sickle, ICBM might have the effect of lessening support in Congress for […]

Defense Watch

The Latest Word On Trends And Developments In Aerospace And Defense Anything But Iraq. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said last week said that before the end of the congressional session Democrats were likely to include defense funding in an omnibus spending bill that would be considered before the end of the year. "There probably […]

AIA’s Outlook For Aerospace Sales Remains Robust

By Calvin Biesecker United States aerospace sales will continue to increase this year and next, and the expansion will continue to rest largely on the civil aircraft market, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) says in its annual market review and forecast. In 2007 overall aerospace sales will reach a record $198.8 billion, a more than […]

Army, NASA, Prepare New Facilities At White Sands Missile Range

The Army has a new Electromagnetic Vulnerability Assessment Facility (EMVAF) and NASA is building new launch facilities, expanding the capabilities of White Sands Missile Range, N.M. NASA held ground breaking ceremonies Nov. 14 for the Orion Abort Flight Test Launch Complex. The Army in late October held a ribbon cutting for the EMVAF hosted by […]

Axsys Technologies Realigns To Enhance Security Focus

Axsys Technologies [AXYS] on Monday said it has sold its non-core Distributed Products business and has realigned its organizational structure to focus on its security, defense and space markets. Under the new organization Axsys will have two business units: the Surveillance Systems Group and the Imaging Systems Group. Surveillance Systems will consist of all infrared […]


Trident Missile Scores 120th Launch From Submerged Submarine: Lockheed A Trident missile was launched from a submarine, marking the 120 test launch since 1989, according to Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT]. The unarmed Trident II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) built by Lockheed was launched from the submerged submarine Henry M Jackson (SSBN 730) in the […]

Bush Demands Congress Pass DOD Funds; Democrats Issue Sharp Response

Congress is dawdling in providing funds needed to finance the Department of Defense (DOD) for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and military officials have run out of moves to stave off a fiscal crunch by shuffling money among accounts, President Bush told journalists in the Pentagon media briefing room. "No more money can be […]

U.S. Must Begin Replacing Aging Satellites, Swiftly, With SBIRS: Analyst

The United States soon must begin replacing its aging satellites or risk losing critical space-based intelligence capabilities such as spotting an enemy missile strike on America, an analyst said. A prudent response to this situation should include moving forward with the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) constellation of satellites, according to Loren B. Thompson, chief […]