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Air Force’s CV-22 To Begin Operational Test And Readiness Review

The Air Force Special Operations variant of the V-22 Osprey this week will begin its operational test and readiness review (OTR&R)–a comprehensive examination of all the developmental testing done on the CV-22, a program official said. Once OTR&R is completed, the aircraft will have one more hurdle to get over before entering its initial operational […]

Army, Air Force, Can Resolve UAV Issues, Army Secretary Says

The Army and Air Force can resolve issues raised over acquisition and control of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that roiled the Pentagon and Congress this year, according to the Army Secretary. "I think some of the disagreements may have come because the issues haven’t been tackled at a high enough level," Pete Geren told the […]

First Lot of Navy’s H-1s To Complete Delivery In Coming Month

After much concern about delays in production deliveries of Bell helicopter Textron’s [TXT] H-1, the program is now delivering to the agreed upon contract schedule and all of the Lot 1 aircraft will be in the Navy’s hands over the next two months, a Marine Corps official said. The Navy has taken delivery of six […]


NASA Gives Contract Change To European Space Agency NASA has awarded a $27.5 million contract change to the European Space Agency Space Technology Center for further engineering on the International Space Station Node 2 and 3 modules. The contract modification extends the current contract to reflect adjustments made to the station assembly manifest and to […]

Administration Forwards U.S.-U.K. Military Trade Treaty To Senate

By Jen DiMascio The administration on Sept. 20 submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee an agreement to loosen trade restrictions on military equipment between the U.S. and the U.K. The agreement would create an exemption International Traffic in Arms Regulations for military hardware and software being used to facilitate cooperation between the U.S. and […]

Department Of Defense Lacks Funds Required For Adequate Performance

Even before the baby boom generation retires and begins using expensive Social Security and medical programs, the Department of Defense is sorely underfunded, according to a report from The Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank. Pentagon needs for everything from missile defense to combat operations, from procurement of weapons systems to personnel costs, require […]

Senators Support Amendment To Block B-52 Fleet Cuts

By Jen DiMascio Senators last week approved an amendment that blocks the Pentagon’s plan to reduce the number of B-52 bombers in its fleet. The Pentagon has been trying to reduce its bomber fleet for years to save money to modernize remaining bombers. The Defense Department position was articulated in the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review, […]

Huge Surge In Sunspots To Begin In March, Peak In 2012

A huge surge in highly charged sun spots eruptions could begin in just half a year and persist from next March until a peak in 2012, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The fear is that the solar storms could inflict damage on satellites, electrical power grids and more, to an extent even greater […]

GMD Missile Defense System Succeeds In Test, As Congress Mulls European Site

The Ground-based Midcourse missile Defense (GMD) system aced a test against a long-range ballistic missile target, just as Congress is poised to decide the financial fate of plans to extend the GMD system to Europe. In the test, a target missile was sent aloft from the Kodiak Launch Complex at Kodiak, Alaska, the Missile Defense […]

AIA Backs U.S./U.K. Defense Trade Treaty

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) executive committee urged the Senate to approve the U.S./U.K. Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty that would ease controls on trade in defense technology goods between the two nations. That treaty would provide for reducing barriers to the exchange of defense goods, services, and information between American and British interests, according to […]