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Brass Don’t Say As Senators Ask Who Built Failed Satellite Whodunit? Senators asked at a hearing which company or firms built that U.S. intelligence satellite that failed completely just after launch, forcing the Navy to alter a missile defense system and shoot it down. But high-ranking Pentagon officials testifying at the hearing said the senators […]

Boeing Weighing Tanker Protest After Debriefing

By Emelie Rutherford Boeing [BA] on Friday said it "will give serious consideration to filing a protest" against the Air Force’s award to a rival for a lucrative contract to build the service’s replacement air-refueling tankers, saying it had "significant concerns" about the process used after being debriefed by service officials. Boeing officials were debriefed […]

Key Lawmaker: NASA Budget Too Low, But Major Increases May Have To Wait Until New President Is In Office Next Year

Bipartisan Support In Congress For Bigger NASA Budget, But Bush May Again Thwart That Move This Year So A Possibility Is Using Continuing Budget Resolution Through Next January, Then Sending Increased Fiscal 2009 NASA Budget To Newly-Elected President Sometime Early Next Year House appropriations lawmakers will increase the total $17.6 billion NASA budget that President […]

House Panel Begins Mulling Whether Missile Defense Is Worthwhile

Witnesses Agree Rogue Nations Gain Nuclear/Missile Capabilities, But Differ On Whether Threat Of Strike On U.S. Justifies BMD Program While U.S. ballistic missile defense (BMD) programs have scored multiple successes in shooting down target weapons, staying mostly on schedule and keeping within recent budget estimates, lawmakers last week began raising existential questions about whether BMD […]

BAE To Sell Flight Systems Unit To Calspan

Britain’s BAE Systems this week said it has agreed to sell its California-based Flight Systems business unit to Calspan Corp. for $62.5 million in cash as it focuses its on its role as a developer and systems integrator. Terms of the deal include an earn-out provision based on the revenues of Flight Systems over the […]

ATK’s AARGM Scores Direct Hit, Continues On To LRIP This Summer

By Geoff Fein ATK [ATK] recently had a successful test of its Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM), as the weapon was able to detect, identify, locate and guide to a simulated enemy target even though the missile’s sensor did not have direct line of sight to the target, the company said. When AARGM, launched from […]

Uncertainties Abound In Budget Building, Army Official Says

By Ann Roosevelt The Army is committed to rebalancing the force in fiscal year 2011, but faces uncetainties as it executes the FY ’08 budget and prepares the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) future budget build, the deputy chief of staff (G-8) said. "Our commitment within the Army staff to work these imperatives is absolutely vital […]

Navy Needs More Info On CG(X) Before Propulsion Discussions Begin, Admiral Says

By Geoff Fein Any discussions as to whether the Navy’s next cruiser should be equipped with a nuclear propulsion plant is akin to putting the cart before the horse, a top Navy official said. "In some ways we may be getting the cart before the horse in the discussion of nuclear versus non-nuclear," Adm. Kirkland […]

Taylor Offers Shipbuilding Deal To Navy Leadership

By Jen DiMascio The leader of a House subcommittee yesterday presented the Navy Secretary and Chief of Naval Operations with a deal on shipbuilding. The Navy wants to waive an agreement it made last year to maintain a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers. Noting that such a proposal "would probably be dead on arrival in […]