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Bush Appoints Special Envoy For MANPADS Threat Reduction

President Bush last week appointed Lincoln Bloomfield as the State Department’s Special Envoy for MANPADS (Man-Portable Air Defense System) Threat Reduction, giving him the lead role for the United States in its efforts to protect international aviation from shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. Bloomfield, who was also accorded the rank of Ambassador by the president, will also […]

Russia To Replace Baikonur Cosmodrome In Kazakhstan With Russian Spaceport

Russia eventually will replace the venerable launch facility, the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, with a new spaceport in Russia, according to CNS, RIA Novosti and Western news media. However, Baikonur will remain a major launch point for Russian spacecraft well into the next decade. The shift could make Russia independent of Kazakhstan in launching spacecraft. […]

Branson Unveils SpaceShipTwo, Sees ‘Thousands’ Venturing Into Space

Billionaire space buff investor Richard Branson unveiled a new commercial spacecraft system, WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo, predicting that "thousands" of people will be able to realize their dream of venturing into space. Branson spoke confidently of "the thousands who will travel with us" to the final frontier. He also predicted that the new spaceship family could […]

Report Is Critical Of Ballistic Missile Defense Programs

A report by a key Pentagon office on ballistic missile defense (BMD) programs should raise concerns that they are far from finished, reliable systems able to strike down incoming enemy missiles, an analyst argues. The Aegis and the Ground-based Midcourse Defense, or GMD, missile defense programs are criticized in a paper by Victoria Samson, research […]

Sea Launch To Seek NASA Space-Missions Contracts

Sea Launch Co. LLC, until now providing launch services for non-governmental or dual-use customers, will seek contracts from NASA to provide cargo re-supply missions to the International Space Station, according to Rob Peckham, Sea Launch president and general manager. NASA faces a half-decade gap, from the end of space shuttle missions in 2010 until the […]


Boeing, Lockheed, Join To Seek Air Force Bomber Contract The two largest contractors will join forces to seek an Air Force contract for initial steps toward eventually creating a new U.S. bomber in the next decade. The Boeing Co. [BA] and Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT] will team to perform studies and system development efforts including […]

CBO Sees Huge Reduction In Deficits Beginning In Three Years

Budget Deficits Projected To Swing To Surpluses Vast Improvement In Federal Finances In Next Decade Could Be Enough To Permit Giant Funding Gains For NASA, Missile Defense, Other Federal Programs The annual federal government budget deficit will plunge by an effective $328 billion from the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010 to fiscal 2012, the […]

Israeli Leader Livni Says Israel Seeks ‘Formal Partnership’ With NATO

Livni Decries Iranian Drive For Weapons Of Mass Destruction To Bolster Israel And Missile Defense, Bolster Israeli-NATO Ties: Analyst NATO Needs Missile Shield Protecting Europe And Israel, Asmus Says Israel, as the true democratic nation in the Middle East now threatened by a hostile Iran, wishes to upgrade its relationship with NATO and gain the […]

Bush Issues Changes To Speed Exports Of Sensitive Technology

President Bush ordered changes in U.S. export controls that will accelerate the export of militarily sensitive technology and products. One earlier-announced change already has cut in half the number of export license applications awaiting action at the State Department, the agency stated. While some members of Congress are concerned that the United States may be […]

Countering ASAT Tests: Prepare Swift Replacements For Satellites Lost Laser Defenses Likely Better Than Interceptor Missiles: Analyst

The United States should counter the rising anti-satellite (ASAT) warfare capabilities of nations such as China with a mix of solutions, including readiness of smaller and easily launched replacement satellites along with protective systems to knock down enemy anti-satellite weapons approaching U.S. space-based assets such as satellites. Merely developing these capabilities could deter enemies from […]