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DISA: Achieving Interoperability With Warfighters, Coalition Partners And NGOs

By Geoff Fein The Department of Defense (DoD) is undertaking a number of efforts to overcome the challenegs of interoperability in information systems using a variety of commercially available technologies, a DoD official said. Additionally, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is examining how to improve interoperability with coalition partners as well as government and […]

Chertoff: Exercise Planned For Einstein Upgrade To ‘Shoot Down’ Cyber Attacks

By Emelie Rutherford A future version of the Einstein cyber-assault-monitoring system that may be able to "shoot down" attacks on federal government computers will be tested in the coming months, the outgoing Department of Homeland Security secretary said yesterday. DHS is deploying a second iteration of its Einstein cyber-assault-monitoring system, which unlike the first version […]

Efforts Improving Bandwidth, Spectrum Management For Warfighters

By Geoff Fein The Department of Defense (DoD) is searching for ways to better optimize how it uses bandwidth whether it is over landlines, over satellite communications (SATCOM) or other radio frequency (RF) media, according to a defense official. Bandwidth management is a challenge, David Mihelcic, chief technology officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency […]

Securing Cyber Systems Requires Private Sector Cooperation, Official Says

By Geoff Fein One of the most pressing needs the nation faces is the need to secure cyberspace and to protect the country’s cyber systems and infrastructure, whether it be in the government, military or civilian domains, according to a top Bush administration official. The issue of protecting America’s cyber infrastructure is not solely a […]

DISA Seeking New Acquisition Efforts To Pace Technology Changes

By Geoff Fein The Department of Defense (DoD) is looking at novel acquisition approaches to enable information systems to keep up with the rapid speed of technology changes, according to a DoD official. DoD not only faces the challenges that the commercial world has in trying to keep pace with technology change, but the military […]

Navy Needs Right Policies And Standards In Place As It Moves To Modular Systems

By Geoff Fein As systems for Navy ships, aircraft, and shore facilities get more complex and more dependent on other systems, it is important to have the right policies and standards in place to ensure interoperability, according to a Navy official. "It isn’t just something we talk about, but something we have actually effected in […]

Report Provides New Administration Plans For Implementing Cyber Security In Private Sector

By Geoff Fein The most pressing cyber security issue facing the defense industry is a near existential threat from state-sponsored foreign intelligence services who have the capability to tap into company networks, accessing sensitive intellectual property, according to a report from the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) A network breach has long-term negative implications for national […]

ManTech Acquires IT Services Provider

ManTech International [MANT] on Monday said it has acquired information technology (IT) services provider EWA Services, Inc., formerly a subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., adding to its customer and capability base for the Defense Department. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ManTech estimates that EWA Services will contribute $20 million in sales next […]

Benefits of Implementing Open Architecture Reach Beyond Military’s Efforts

By Geoff Fein While the Navy is working to incorporate open architecture (OA) into its surface ships, aviation assets and electronic systems, other federal agencies are also migrating toward the concept in hopes of increasing interoperability while at the same time demonstrating cost savings. Those federal agencies benefit from OA in three main ways, Andy […]

Industry Readying For Navy’s Release of SEWIP Block 2 RFP

By Geoff Fein Several teams are partnering for a planned request for proposal (RFP), expected by the end of the year, for the Navy’s Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 2 upgrade to the current shipboard electronic support measures system. BAE Systems and General Dynamics [GD] Advanced Information Systems (GD AIS) have joined forces, […]