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Operating On The Network Will Require A New Way of Looking At Security, Official Says

By Geoff Fein As the battlefield becomes network centric, with warfighters relying more and more on data collected by sensors and unmanned systems, keeping that information secure will be a primary driver of the Global Information Grid 2.0, according to an official with the Joint Staff. "Security is one of the primary aspects of GIG […]

Rockwell Collins To Acquire SATCOM Systems Provider DataPath

By Calvin Biesecker Rockwell Collins [COL] yesterday said it plans to acquire DataPath, Inc., a provider of satellite communications (SATCOM) network solutions to military and commercial customers, in a deal valued at $130 million. The purchase price includes a $20 million cash payment and the assumption of $110 million in DataPath debt and existing obligations. […]

Navy Simultaneously Shoots Down Cruise And Ballistic Missiles In 3rd Fleet Exercise

By Geoff Fein The 3rd Fleet is evaluating data collated from last month’s Stellar Dagger exercise that showcased for the first time a simultaneous downing of a ballistic missile in its terminal phase and an incoming anti-ship cruise missile, an official said. Additionally, Stellar Dagger was the second time 3rd Fleet stood up the Maritime […]

Joint Staff Developing Common Standards, Policies, To Integrate Services Into The GIG

By Geoff Fein The Joint Staff is working a number of challenges, from bringing together the services’ netcentric efforts under one umbrella, to developing data standards, all meant to ensure the ability to eventually operate in the Global Information Grid (GIG), according to an official with the Joint Staff. What the Joint Staff has tried […]

GD’s Use of Open Source In NETT Provides Army Testers Real World Network Threats

By Geoff Fein General Dynamics [GD] is relying on open sources for its Network Exploitation Test Tool (NETT) to provide the Army with the same type of threats the service will find in the real world, according to a company official. NETT uses open source in part because the Defense Department automatically validates that a […]

Growing Demand For Bandwidth Requires Effective Management of Resources, Official Says

By Geoff Fein With commercial demand for bandwidth and spectrum growing exponentially, the military is tasked with finding ways to effectively manage those resources while at the same time investigating new technologies. And the Department of Defense’s (DoD) move into network centric operations is putting even further stress on competition for those finite resources, according […]

DHS Issues Conficker Worm Detection Tool To Help Assess Risks To Computer Systems

The Conficker computer worm on April 1 will turn on millions of bots spread across the global computer network commanding them to infect systems, or not. Whether an elaborate April fool’s day hoax or a large scale Internet attack, no one is taking it lightly. Microsoft [MSFT], for example, has offered a large reward for […]

GD’s NETT Finds Vulnerabilities In Networks, Improves Data Collection For Operators

By Geoff Fein The Network Exploitation Test Tool (NETT), developed by General Dynamics [GD], provides a cyber threat test on friendly force systems for vulnerability analysis and system evaluation. Additionally, NETT enables more robust data capture to help in the wiring of more detailed and accurate reports, John Callahan, project manger for NETT, told Defense […]

GD Develops Ability To Access Secure And Unclassified Networks On One Computer

By Geoff Fein General Dynamics [GD] has developed the Trusted Virtual Environment (TVE) to solve a long-term problem of being able to take multiple computers with top secret, secret, and unclassified networks and collapse them into a single platform in a cost effective and flexible manner, a company official said. Advances in technology enabled General […]

DHS S&T Exploring Several Paths To Improving EDS Software

By Calvin Biesecker The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) branch is working several parallel paths to improving capabilities of next-generation explosives detection systems (EDS) through software enhancements of the image processing, agency officials told sister publication TR2. These efforts to explore the separation of EDS hardware and software development are expected […]