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Coast Guard Leveraging Navy OA Efforts To Boost Commonality, Interoperability

By Geoff Fein The Coast Guard is looking to leverage off of the Navy’s open architecture efforts, not only to improve commonality between the two sea services, but to push affordability and enhance mission capability, a Coast Guard official said. Conceptually it makes a great deal of sense, Capt. Joe Vojvodich, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, […]

Boeing Adopting Open Architecture Principles For Its Enterprise

By Geoff Fein Boeing [BA] is applying open architecture (OA) concepts to its own enterprises, recognizing the need to embrace OA in its own environment so the company can incorporate new capabilities as they come along, a company official said. "We have an enterprise architecture approach that embraces OA, that embraces industry standards, that can […]

Navy Air, Space, Ship And Marine Corps Domains Show Results From ’08 OA Efforts

By Geoff Fein The Navy was hard at work in 2008 implementing open architecture into its aviation, space, submarine and weapons systems domains, as well as Marine Corps programs. Aside from conducting workshops, online OA training courses, and participating in naval OA conferences, the Navy has begun to reap the benefits of efforts to increase […]

SPAWAR Expects To Release CANES RFP Jan. 30

By Geoff Fein The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) is looking to issue its request for proposal (RFP) on or about Jan. 30 for the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprises Services (CANES), a directed approach to reduce infrastructure and increase capability across afloat network enclaves, the Navy said. SPAWAR issued a draft RFP […]

DHS Cyber Chief Outlines Phased Plan For Cybersecurity Upgrades

By Calvin Biesecker Over the next several years the Department of Homeland Security will be rolling out improvements to the federal government’s primary cyber intrusion detection system, called Einstein, with upgrades being made in parallel with one another rather than sequentially, the acting chief for cybersecurity at the department said yesterday. In the past six […]

Cartwright: DoD Must Increase Cyber-Security Efforts, Work With Private Sector

By Emelie Rutherford The Pentagon’s number-two officer said last week the military must treat cyber security as a weapon system and weigh hard decisions when boosting cyber-warfare efforts, including the extent to which it reorients traditional squadrons and protects commercial networks. Marine Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said cyber […]

DISA: Achieving Interoperability With Warfighters, Coalition Partners And NGOs

By Geoff Fein The Department of Defense (DoD) is undertaking a number of efforts to overcome the challenegs of interoperability in information systems using a variety of commercially available technologies, a DoD official said. Additionally, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is examining how to improve interoperability with coalition partners as well as government and […]

Chertoff: Exercise Planned For Einstein Upgrade To ‘Shoot Down’ Cyber Attacks

By Emelie Rutherford A future version of the Einstein cyber-assault-monitoring system that may be able to "shoot down" attacks on federal government computers will be tested in the coming months, the outgoing Department of Homeland Security secretary said yesterday. DHS is deploying a second iteration of its Einstein cyber-assault-monitoring system, which unlike the first version […]

Efforts Improving Bandwidth, Spectrum Management For Warfighters

By Geoff Fein The Department of Defense (DoD) is searching for ways to better optimize how it uses bandwidth whether it is over landlines, over satellite communications (SATCOM) or other radio frequency (RF) media, according to a defense official. Bandwidth management is a challenge, David Mihelcic, chief technology officer at the Defense Information Systems Agency […]

Securing Cyber Systems Requires Private Sector Cooperation, Official Says

By Geoff Fein One of the most pressing needs the nation faces is the need to secure cyberspace and to protect the country’s cyber systems and infrastructure, whether it be in the government, military or civilian domains, according to a top Bush administration official. The issue of protecting America’s cyber infrastructure is not solely a […]