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GoAhead Software Joins GTS, Northrop Grumman On Common Processing System

By Geoff Fein GoAhead Software is partnering with Global Technical Systems (GTS) and Northrop Grumman [NOC] to bring its solution for Dynamic Resource Management (DRM) to the Common Processing System (CPS) ensuring continuous service of warfighter systems without loss of service or data, the company said. GoAhead’s SAFfire solution delivers on one of the key […]

Navy’s OA Efforts Opening Doors For Small High Tech Firms New To Defense

By Geoff Fein The Navy’s move to incorporate open systems into its surface combatant fleet is providing opportunities for companies that have not traditionally relied upon defense for their revenues. From its inception, Washington-based GoAhead Software has been working on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and high availability and fault management systems as a middleware solution for telecommunications […]

Cyber Strategy, Partnerships, New Technologies Among Priorities For New Cyber Coordinator

By Calvin Biesecker and Geoff Fein President Obama yesterday selected Howard Schmidt, an information security expert with wide ranging experience in the public, private and law enforcement arenas, to be the country’s first Cybersecurity Coordinator, charged with working across government and industry to promote the security of the nation’s computer networks. Schmidt said in a […]

Navy’s Aegis Computer Network Training Course Getting Up To Speed On ACB 08

By Geoff Fein As the Navy begins installing advanced capability 08 (ACB 08) on its cruisers, those ships are also sending fire control officers and technicians to school to train on the latest Aegis combat systems. Currently, sailors from both the USS Mobile Bay (CG-53) and the USS Philippine Bay (CG-58) are going through the […]

DHS Looks For Early January Decision On Whether To Go Forward With US-VISIT Exit

By Calvin Biesecker Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials are hopeful that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will make a decision in the first week of January on whether to move ahead with plans to introduce a biometric exit component to the US-VISIT program, a DHS official said this week. If Napolitano gives the green […]

USW Challenged By Lack of Threat, Shrinking Funding, Study Says

By Geoff Fein The perceived lack of a imminent threat, along with dwindling budgets and shrinking industrial base, are having a significant impact on the development of undersea warfare systems, according to a National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) study. "The USW (undersea warfare) industry faced the same reduction that the defense industry experienced over the […]

DHS, Michigan Launch Federal-State Cyber Security Partnership

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) yesterday said it will deploy its Einstein 1.0 computer network intrusion detection system to Michigan’s computer networks, marking the first federal-state cyber security partnership. The partnership is a proof-of-concept effort to see how the relationship will work. "Effective cyber security is a shared responsibility between the federal government and […]

Navy’s Operational Test Force Getting Its Hands Around OA, IT Testing

By Geoff Fein As the Navy moves toward open architecture (OA) and looks to upgrade software and hardware at lightning speed, putting those systems through the traditional operational test and evaluation process could create tension as programs are modified to get into the hands of warfighters. But making sure those new and improved technologies give […]

Draper Labs Gives GD Potential $110 Million Contract For Trident II Work

General Dynamics [GD] Advanced Information Systems has been awarded a three-year contract potentially worth $100 million by Charles Stark Draper Laboratory to produce integrated circuits for the Navy’s Trident II (D-5) submarine-launched ballistic missile program, the company reported. The contract is part of the Navy’s Trident Life Extension Electronic Parts Program (LEEPP). The program is […]

Navy, Marine Corps GREENS Effort–Using The Sun To Power Systems

By Geoff Fein The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is developing systems to enable Marines to take advantage of the Sun’s energy to charge batteries, run radios, laptops and sensors, all using commercially available components, according to the Navy. A two-pronged effort is looking to provide the Marines with 300 watts of continuous power as […]