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Japan Progresses In Improving PAC-3 Missile Defense System Tests Of System Set, To Occur In United States At White Sands Japan is moving to improve its missile defense system that could guard central Tokyo against incoming lower-level weapons, and is preparing for a test of the Patriot Advanced Capability-3, or PAC-3, missile defense system. As […]

Pentagon Presses Case For European GMD System; Czechs May Be Given Contractor Work

Gates Meets With Polish Counterpart Klich; Poland May Gain U.S. Air Defense Aid U.S. Argues The System Would Benefit Europe U.S. military leaders are urging Poland to approve U.S. plans to construct a ballistic missile defense system that would include interceptor missiles and ground silos in Poland, and an agreement is emerging between the Czech […]

In Two Years Demand Grows Strong For NECC’s Capabiltiies, Official Says

In just its second year of operation, the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) has seen a high demand for its capabilities as the organization is finding itself employed from Iraq to Central America, a Navy official said. The first year of NECC was about realigning the forces, standing up new commands, new capabilities, putting in […]

Rockwell Collins Proceeds To Second Phase Upgrade For Thai Air Force C-130 Fleet

Thai Aviation Industries has awarded Rockwell Collins [COL] the second phase of a contract to upgrade the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) fleet of C-130 aircraft with integrated Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM). The first phase called for completing the avionics upgrade on six C-130s. Phase 2 will include the avionics system upgrade for […]

Lawmaker Moves To Block Sale of JDAMs To Saudi Arabia

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y. ) said recently he is moving to block the president’s proposed sale of precision-guided missiles to Saudi Arabia. The president on Jan. 14 formally notified Congress about its intent to sell up to 900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) worth as much as $123 million to the Middle Eastern country, according […]

Rising China Threat Unmet If U.S. Navy Doesn’t Seek Funds To Counter It, Analysts Say

Perhaps the most daunting obstacle to the Navy getting the funds it needs is…the Navy. That is the view of Ronald O’Rourke, a preeminent defense analyst with the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS). The Navy in recent years has failed to seek sufficient funds in its annual budget requests, O’Rourke said recently. He was expressing […]

Canada Gives Lockheed Martin $1.4 Billion Order For 17 C-130J Transports

Canada gave Lockheed Martin [LMT] a $1.4 billion order for 17 of the C-130J Super Hercules airlifters and other items, according to the company. The new C-130J generates much greater operational efficiency than the older C-130s, such as Canada’s E and H model, by flying farther, faster, with more payload and higher reliability, Lockheed Martin […]

GD Beats L-1 To Produce State Department’s New Passport Card

The State Department recently awarded General Dynamics [GD] a potential $72.7 million contract to produce its new border travel document, the PASS Card, beating L-1 Identity Solutions [ID]. The win for GD continues a spate of recent homeland security-related awards for the company’s Information Technology business unit, which last week garnered a potential $28.8 million […]

Cobham To Further Expand U.S. Business With SPARTA Acquisition

Britain’s Cobham plc this week said it has agreed to acquire SPARTA, Inc., for a net price of $416 million in cash, expanding its business base in the United States, particularly in the intelligence and missile defense markets. Cobham said that its U.S. sales for the past year, if SPARTA is included, are $1.4 billion. […]

Lockheed Martin Gains $40.4 Million Contract Change For Aegis Work On Japanese Ship

The Missile Defense Agency gave Lockheed Martin [LMT] a $40.4 million contract change to provide ballistic missile defense (BMD) capability to a Japanese Aegis-equipped destroyer, the JS Myoko, the company said recently. This would be the third of four Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force destroyers to receive the upgrade. The JS Kongo already has been […]