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Moseley: Despite Enduring Activity, No Need To Beddown Aircraft In Middle East

By Michael Sirak Despite the Air Force’s large and enduring presence in the Middle East and Near East and its extensive activities each day in support of anti-insurgent operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the service has no plans to permanently assign aircraft to the region, Chief of Staff Gen. Michael Moseley said earlier this month. […]

Raytheon Wins $1.3 Billion U.K. e-Borders Contract

Raytheon [RTN] recently was selected by the United Kingdom’s Home Office to receive a $1.3 billion contract to develop and install a border security system that will allow British authorities to check the background of persons entering and exiting the country against various watch lists. Raytheon beat British Telecom for the e-Borders contract. In two […]

Reaper Unmanned Aircraft Becoming An Increasing Presence In Afghanistan

Southwest Asia–Both the United Kingdom and United States now are operating General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI)-built Reaper remotely piloted aircraft over the skies of Afghanistan, and, as of this month, U.S. Air Force assets have effectively employed the missile and bomb types that they currently carry against anti-government insurgents there, according to officials from the […]

USAFE: Russian Bomber Flights Off European Coast Raise Safety Concerns

By Michael Sirak RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany–The recent resurgence of flights by Russian Tupelov Tu-95 Bear and Tu-160 Blackjack long-range bomber aircraft in international airspace off the coasts of NATO countries, while not viewed as threatening, does raise safety concerns, since the Russians have not been following accepted international protocols, senior Air Force generals said […]


A story in the Nov. 14 edition of Defense Daily incorrectly stated that the 1206 program is a State Department effort to provide funding to foreign countries to combat terrorism. The program is actually a DoD effort to train and equip foreign militaries to undertake counterterrorism or stability operations.

New Sales of F-16s Important Bridge To F-35, Says USAFE Head

By Michael Sirak RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany–For several nations in Europe and the vicinity, the acquisition of F-16 fighter jets, whether new or used, is still an attractive interim option before ultimately transitioning to the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter aircraft, the top Air Force general in Europe said here last week. "The nations that […]

Defense Bill To Recommend Strategic Pause On European Missile Defense Site

Removing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from the Pentagon has enabled Democrats to shift opinion about building a third ballistic missile defense site in Europe, a leading Democratic lawmaker said this week. The administration was rushing ahead with construction of the missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic to protect against missiles coming […]

Interoperability And Humanitarian Relief Pushing Foreign Interest In U.S. Ships

Foreign countries are showing increasing interest in buying from the U.S. Navy smaller boats as well as amphibious ships that could be used for humanitarian relief efforts, according to the director of the Navy’s International Programs Office (NIPO). Additionally, foreign navies are asking about the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), as they look to become more […]

IDF Awards Lockheed Martin $2.3 Million For LCS Combat Systems Study

Lockheed Martin [LMT] was awarded a $2.3 million foreign military sales contract to continue concept and preliminary design work on the proposed Israeli Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-I), the company said. Lockheed Martin will work with the U.S. and Israeli navies to develop a technical specification and acquisition cost package for the LCS-I combat system. […]

Taiwan To Spend $939 Million On Patriot Upgrades

Taiwan is looking to buy Patriot Configuration 2 ground systems upgrade as well as associated equipment and services, potentially worth $939 million, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) reported this week. Taiwan is seeking to upgrade and refurbish its 3 existing Patriot fire units to the latest Army configuration 3 ground support equipment. Major Defense […]