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Coda Octopus Delivers First of Three UIS to Coast Guard

Coda Octopus Group, Inc. [CDOC] has delivered the first of three Underwater Inspection Systems (UIS) to the Coast Guard under a $2.6 million contract signed with the Technical Support Working Group in July. Delivery of the second system is slated for next month. The contract includes options that would expand the value to $8.3 million […]

Ahura Nabs National Guard Contract

Ahura Scientific received a $2.6 million contract from the National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams to supply its FirstDefender handheld chemical identification system, which also meets military specifications for ruggedness. Under the contract 65 instruments and fiber optic extension probes will be delivered to each of the 55 Civil Support Teams and […]

QinetiQ Launches Fiber Optic Sensor Product for Security

Britain’s QinetiQ has launched OptaSense, a buried cable fiber optic sensor solution that detects multiple, simultaneous disturbances every 10 meters over a 40 kilometer length of installed cable. QinetiQ says the product has applications for border, pipeline and cable security. “It is equally applicable to detecting intruders in perimeter security applications as it is to […]

Cubic Corp. Establishes Maritime Security Service Program

Cubic Corp. [CUB] said yesterday it has established a new business initiative to assist federal regulators and the international port and shipping community in achieving compliance with new seaport security laws. "Hundreds of ports around the globe are trying to meet the new United States standards by 2012, along with the International Ship and Port […]

TSA Agrees With GAO’s Suggestions For Improving Airport Security

Transportation Security Administrator Kip Hawley last week told a House panel that his agency concurs with new suggestions put forth by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to tighten airport security following GAO testimony that its investigators successfully smuggled various bomb making components and liquids through checkpoints at 19 airports earlier this year. GAO officials told […]

DHS Touts Success of Coast Guard’s At-Sea Biometrics Pilot

A limited trial by the Coast Guard of fingerprint capture and identification technology has helped reduce the flow of illegal immigration by nearly 50 percent in the Mona Passage, which separates Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic. The pilot project was begun a year ago aboard Coast Guard cutters operating in the Mona Passage, a […]

DHS Postpones Certification of Next Generation Radiation Portal Monitors

By Calvin Biesecker Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has postponed a decision on certifying the cost benefits of new radiation detection portal monitors based on the concerns of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency that would be the primary user of the Advanced Spectroscopic Portals (ASP). CBP doesn’t have any concerns with the next-generation […]

Sarnoff Unveils Iris-based Vehicle Drive Through System

Sarnoff Corp. has unveiled a vehicle drive through system for access control based on the company’s Iris on the Move identification technology. The biometric drive through system features a pan-tilt-zoom mechanism that allows iris image capture for people inside of vehicles at various heights. Sarnoff says the system works outdoors under different lighting conditions and […]

DHS S&T Issues Solicitation for CELL-ALL

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate has issued a Broad Agency Announcement seeking proposals for a distributed, “ubiquitous” chemical and biological sensing network called CELL-ALL. The program is aimed at accelerating advances in miniaturized biological and chemical sensing with integration into common devices such as cell phones and a communication […]

ICx Gets Awards for AirSentinels, Rad Detectors

The Department of Defense has awarded a contract to ICx Technologies [ICXT] to provide its AirSentinel ambient biological detection aerosol sensors. The value of the contract wasn’t disclosed. AirSentinel is integrated into building monitoring and control systems and is a continuous monitoring system that detects changes in concentration of ambient aerosol particles that indicate the […]