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SEC Issues New Cyber Risk Reporting Guidelines

The Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new set of guidelines Wednesday urging companies to be more forthcoming in disclosing known cyber risks and incident reports following breaches. The latest report builds on a set of 2011 guidelines and requires companies implement policies to more rapidly assess cyber threats and detail potential vulnerabilities in its […]

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Army Research Lab Awards Awards $25 Million Grant For IoBT Device Network Concepts

Army officials are looking to a new five-year, $25 million grant with research institutions to develop a cyber network concept needed to thwart threats aimed at its growing number of internet-connected battlefield devices. The Army Research Lab’s Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT) Reign initiative tasks a new research group with developing capability concepts to address […]

James Lewis, director and senior fellow, CSIS Strategic Technologies Program

CSIS Says Costs Of Cybercrime Growing Globally

The cost to the global economy of cybercrimes has risen from an estimated $445 billion in 2014 to nearly $600 billion currently, according to a new study. The reasons for the benefit growth to cyber criminals include faster use of new technologies, more potential victims as online users increase, ease of criminal activity, and an […]

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Aerospace & Defense Industry To Face New Malware Threats On Tested Attack Vectors in 2018

Cyber threat actors are preparing new malware threats utilizing tested web application attack vectors aimed at disrupting the U.S. private sector, including aerospace and defense industries, according to reports released Tuesday. New research from cyber companies Akamai [AKAM] and FireEye [FEYE] shows an urgent need for Industry IT officials to focus on implementing new system […]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Photo: Department of Justice

Sessions Creates Task Force To Examine Cyber Security Needs, Capabilities

With cyber threats on the rise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has established a task force within the Justice Department to review the department’s current capabilities and needs in cyber security. Sessions directed the Cyber-Digital Task Force to provide an initial report by June 30 on the department’s existing activities and for initial recommendations. “The Internet […]


Amid Heavy Operational Tempo, Lockheed Martin Awarded Extension For National Cyber Range

Lockheed Martin [LMT] has received a contract extension to continue supporting the Army’s National Cyber Range (NCR) because training demands nearly depleted the current contract ceiling. The Army’s Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO-STRI) in Orlando received authorization of the Justification & Approval for the contract extension on Feb. 8. “The contract will […]

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White House Says ‘Malicious Cyber Activity’ Cost US $109 Billion In 2016

Cyber-attacks cost the U.S. economy between $57 billion and $109 billion in 2016 and are measured in things like lost revenue, data and intellectual property, court settlements, regulatory penalties and reputational damage, says a new report by the White House Council of Economic Advisors. The most costly attacks are associated with cyber theft of intellectual […]

Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR Lt. Gen. VeraLinn "Dash" Jamieson.

Air Force Focusing On Enterprise IT As A Service, Cyber-Integrated ISR Capabilities

Air Force officials are looking to cyber-integrated ISR capabilities and embracing enterprise IT as a service (EaaS) in an effort to better leverage data to protect networks and address growing adversarial threats. Future ISR efforts will take greater advantage of automation and network support teams will be called onto provide mission defense as the service […]

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White House Blames Russian Military For NotPetya Global Cyber Attack

After months of conducting its due diligence, the U.S. government on Thursday attributed Russia’s military with a cyber-attack last summer that masqueraded as ransomware but in reality was meant to wipe clean infected computers worldwide and ended up costing companies and organizations billions of dollars in damage. The White House press office issued a statement […]

Brig. Gen. Kevin Kennedy, principal director the DoD Deputy CIO

Empowered CIOs, Industry Partnerships Needed To Achieve Top DoD Information Priorities

Department of Defense officials are looking to new budget authorities for its chief information officers (CIO) and improved industry partnerships to meet its top information priorities for 2018, including pressing network management and communication needs. Brig. Gen. Kevin Kennedy, principal director the DoD deputy CIO, addressed the top priorities for his office over the next […]