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Lockheed Martin, Cognitec in Cooperative Agreement

Lockheed Martin [LMT] has signed a cooperative agreement with Germany-based facial recognition technology firm Cognitec Systems, firming up its ability to integrate and offer multi-modal biometric solutions. "This cooperation agreement will improve our ability to offer our customers a complete and fully integrated portfolio of biometrics technologies," says Bob Eastman, Lockheed Martin’s vice president for […]

Sikorsky H-92 Demonstrates Fly-By-Wire

Sikorsky [UTX] Dec. 26 announced the first H-92 helicopter featuring fly-by-wire (FBW) technology completed its first successful flight Dec. 20 at the Sikorsky Development Flight Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. "This successful flight of the first H-92 helicopter to feature state-of-the-art fly-by-wire technology ushers in a new era for the H-92 product line," Stephen […]

Falcon III Radio Approved for Top-Secret Data and Voice Trafficking

By Jen DiMascio The National Security Agency recently certified a Falcon III radio developed by Harris Corp. [HRS] to transmit and receive top-secret information, the company said yesterday. The recently approved radio–the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G(C)–is a manpack version of the Falcon III AN/PRC-152(C) multi-band handheld and AN/VRC-110 vehicular radios, according to George Helm, vice president […]

L-1 To Acquire Biometric Access Control Firm Bioscrypt

By Calvin Biesecker L-1 Identity Solutions [ID] yesterday said it as agreed to acquire Bioscrypt Inc., a Canadian-based firm specializing in biometric access control primarily for commercial customers, for about $44 million in a stock-for-stock transaction. The deal, which is expected to close early this year, would give L-1 a position in both the biometric […]

Defense Watch Content

The Latest Word On Trends And Developments In Aerospace And Defense Campaign Report. An overflow crowd at BAE Systems in Nashua, N.H., turned out last week to listen to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), fresh from a solid finish in the Iowa caucuses, said Clark Dumont, vice president of communications for BAE’s Electronics & Integrated Solutions […]

Army Awards $221.2 Million Contract To Expand Redstone Arsenal

The Army awarded a $221.2 million contract to expand the Von Braun Complex in Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Ala., the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said last week. That will mean constructing a roughly 840,000 square foot building to house 2,248 MDA employees, people who now work in or near Washington, D.C. They are moving to […]

BAE Gets DHS Contract To Test Counter-MANPADS On Passenger Flights

By Calvin Biesecker BAE Systems last Friday said it has received a $29 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to install its JETEYE aircraft missile defense system on three 767-200 passenger aircraft operated by American Airlines [AMR] to test the suitability of the system for routine daily flight operations. Testing of the […]

CBO: Missile Defense Spending To Peak At $15 Billion Yearly In Fiscal 2018

Actual Missile Defense Outlays May Need To Be $4 Billion More Yearly Missile defense spending will peak at an annual rate of $15 billion in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2018, before trending downward, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the history of spending on major programs shows it might have to […]

Boeing Responds To MDA Request For Information On Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Program

The Boeing Co. [BA] responded to a Missile Defense Agency (MDA) request for information, as MDA seeks industry feedback on the follow-on Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) program, a major segment of the overall U.S. ballistic missile defense shield. RFI responses will help MDA determine its strategy for the follow-on effort to the current GMD contract. […]

Raytheon Beats ATK For $232 Million Army 120mm MRM Contract

By Geoff Fein The Army last month awarded Raytheon [RTN] Missile Systems a $232 million contract for the 120mm medium range munitions (MRM) program over a competing bid from ATK [ATK]. Raytheon, along with its teammate General Dynamics [GD], will build the gun-fired smart munition, which has a dual mode beyond line of sight capability, […]