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Trump Signs $716 Billion NDAA Into Law

President Donald Trump signed into law Monday H.R. 5155, the fiscal year 2019 John McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), authorizing a $716 billion budget, a pay raise for troops and a boost in military end strength. Vice President Mike Pence introduced the president on stage at Ft. Drum, N.Y., home of the Army’s 10th […]

Analysts: Proposed Changes to Space Infrastructure ‘A Good Start’

The Pentagon is on the right track in its efforts to reorganize its sizable space infrastructure, but it is unclear whether the proposed Space Force can be stood up by 2020, and how it will be paid for, analysts said. The Defense Department, together with the White House, revealed Aug. 9 a proposed roadmap that […]

Final NDAA Keeps Space And Boost-Phase Missile Defenses

The final version of the FY 2019 defense authorization bill retained provisions directing the Missile Defense Agency to develop a space-based missile intercept layer, boost-phase missile defenses generally, and space-based sensor architecture for missile defenses. The Senate’s NDAA version had a provision in the FY ’18 NDAA that would withdraw statutory flexibility on space-based boost-phase […]

Defense Authorization Bill Settles On PE Policy Changes

The final draft of the FY 2019 defense authorization bill, which the House passed on Thursday, makes several policy changes to help the Navy and Air Force continue to root out the problem of physiological episodes (PE) in aircraft. An uptick in physiological episodes has recently bedeviled military pilots, particularly those flying Navy and Air […]

Key Surface Navy Reforms In Final NDAA

House And Senate fiscal year 2019 defense authorization bill conferees agreed on several Navy surface warfare reforms while making some of the stronger changes into studies. A provision in the House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) called for ship examinations after October 2019 be conducted on a no notice basis to provide an accurate representation […]

House Appropriators Approve $51.4 Billion DHS Bill; Agree To Fund 12th National Security Cutter

After a lengthy markup, the House Appropriations Committee late Wednesday afternoon agreed to a $51.4 billion discretionary spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security in fiscal year 2019 and included a provision that would initiate funding for an additional National Security Cutter (NSC) for the Coast Guard. The amendment for the 12th, and likely […]

Final NDAA OKs More Columbia Prep Funds, SSCs, And MQ-25 Prep

The negotiated conference result for the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) had Senate and House members agree to increase advanced procurement funds for the Columbia-class submarine, approve additional ship-to-shore connectors (SSCs), and prepare the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) for the upcoming MQ-25 unmanned carrier tanker aircraft. The Columbia-class program is working to […]

NDAA Conference OKs CVN-81, 3 LCSs, And Advanced Procurement For LPD Flight II

In the negotiated conference version of the fiscal year (FY) 2019 defense authorization bill, House and Senate members agreed to authorize the fourth Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, three Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), and advanced procurement funds for LPD Flight II San Antonio-class amphibious dock transport ships. The fourth Ford-class carrier, CVN-81, is expected to […]

Unified NDAA Calls On Pentagon to Accelerate LRSO and GBSD

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which the House could vote on Thursday, calls on the Pentagon to speed up modernization of the nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic-missile fleet and air-launched cruise missiles. The unified National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) picked up House language requiring the Pentagon to find some way of speeding up the programs. The […]

House Expected To Vote On FY 19 NDAA Conference Report Next Week

The House is expected to vote next week on a conference report that settles differences between its version of the fiscal year 2019 defense policy bill and the Senate’s legislation. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will bring the report on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to the House floor for consideration ahead of […]