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SASC Member: Congress Must Work With DoD To Save Money in Future Budgets

Congress will work with the Defense Department to find cost savings and prioritize funding for critical equipment needs for future budget cycles, a Senate Armed Services Committee member said Oct. 4. Following the passage of the $716 billion fiscal year FY’19 defense appropriations bill, the bipartisan committee needs to continue “pressing onward and upward” to […]

House Passes DoD Budget, Trump Expected to Sign

The House on Wednesday passed the Defense Department’s fiscal year 2019 (FY’19) funding bill by a veto-proof majority, essentially ensuring that the Pentagon will have its funding on time for the first time in nearly a decade. The House approved the conference version of H.R. 6157, the minibus bill which includes funding for the Departments […]

House to Vote Wednesday To Fund DoD On Time for First Time in Nine Years

The House could vote to pass the fiscal year 2019 (FY’19) appropriations bill to fund the Department of Defense (DoD) and several other agencies on Wednesday, funding the Pentagon ahead of the end of the fiscal year for the first time in nearly a decade, the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) chairman said Tuesday. “I […]

Cost, Breakdown of Proposed Additional Air Force Squadrons Yet to Be Determined

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — The Air Force has yet to determine the cost of boosting its 312 operational squadrons to 386, and the breakdown of aircraft in each proposed squadron, service leadership said Tuesday. Service Secretary Heather Wilson revealed Monday that the service required nearly a 25 percent increase in operational squadrons by 2030 in […]

Senate Passes DoD Budget, House Vote Needed Next Week

The Defense Department’s 2019 budget is a step closer to President Trump’s desk, after the Senate approved the final version of the Pentagon’s annual budget bill 93-7 Tuesday. The final DoD appropriations bill still needs to be approved by the House, which is in recess until Sept. 25, before Trump can sign the measure into […]

Congress Includes More Ships, Aircraft, R&D Efforts in Joint FY ’19 Spending Bill

The Pentagon’s shipbuilding accounts, aircraft inventories and research and development (R&D) funds are among the major winners included in the fiscal year 2019 (FY’19) defense appropriations conference report, which lawmakers released Sept. 13. If passed, the joint agreement for H.R. 6157, the Defense-Labor- Health and Human Services minibus bill, would include about $674 billion for […]

F-35 Procurement Flying High in FY ‘19 Defense Appropriations Bill

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is emerging as a big winner in the fiscal year 2019 defense spending bill, as congressional leaders have included over a dozen additional aircraft over what was authorized in the FY’19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Appropriators released Sept. 13 the conference report for the H.R. 6157 “minibus” bill, which […]

Consensus Defense Funding Bill Boosts Army, Navy Rotorcraft Procurement

A consensus spending bill agreed to by U.S. House and Senate budgeters would fully fund military rotorcraft procurement programs and boost funding for Army helicopters and Marine Corps tiltrotors. The conference report on the 2019 Defense Appropriations Act approves a total $41 billion and change in aircraft procurement funding for the Air Force, Army and […]

Congress Reaches Accord on 2019 DOD Budget, But Keeps a Lid on the Details

House and Senate appropriators reached an agreement to fund the Department of Defense in 2019 through a multi-agency spending bill, while freezing spending for some other federal programs through Dec. 7, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said Thursday. “We have reached resolution on all items and completed our work on these bills,” Rep. […]

Air Force Prepares for Open Skies Tanker Recap While Congress Mulls Funding

DAYTON, Ohio — The Air Force is readying its acquisition strategy to replace its two aging OC-135B observation aircraft in the next fiscal year, the deputy program executive officer for the tanker directorate said Wednesday. But the service’s recap plans could be in jeopardy as Congress works toward passing its fiscal year 2019 (FY19) appropriations […]