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New Distance Record For Lockheed Martin GMLRS

The Army recently established a new 85-kilometer distance record for the Lockheed Martin [LMT] Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System rocket, the company said. The rocket destroyed a target 85 kilometers from the launch site during a system demonstration at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. The previous maximum range for GMLRS was 70 kilometers. The Army’s […]

SOCJFCOM Aims To Improve SOF-Conventional Force Integration

By Ann Roosevelt Special Operations Command-Joint Forces Command (SOCJFCOM) works to improve how Special Operations Forces (SOF) and conventional forces operate together to benefit warfighter readiness, the commander said. Much of the work is to "ensure different elements of military power talk to each other," Army Col. Wesley Rehorn, SOCJFCOM commander, said at the recent […]

Navistar Defense Receives More Orders For Severe Service Vehicles

Navistar Defense LLC [NAV] yesterday said it has received six more delivery orders for severe service vehicles. The orders, awarded by Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, combined with two previous delivery orders placed on Sept. 28, are collectively worth up to $37 million for 291 vehicles and parts, the company said. Under the contract, […]

Pennsylvania National Guard Stryker Unit Prepares For Iraq

By Ann Roosevelt The Defense Department yesterday said the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), 28th Infantry Div., Pennsylvania National Guard is among the units scheduled to deploy to Iraq in early 2009. "Everyone pretty much knew it was coming," Public Affairs Spec. Matthew Jones told Defense Daily. The SBCT sent two infantry companies and […]

FCS Needs No New Funds To Accelerate, Officials Say

By Ann Roosevelt No new funds will be requested to accelerate the Army’s approximately $160 billion Future Combat System (FCS), service leaders said yesterday while detailing plans to accelerate the first mature technologies and equipment to the Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) ahead of the Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCTs). Lt. Gen. Stephen Speakes, Army […]

Army Tightens FCS Focus On Infantry And Current Fight

By Ann Roosevelt The Army today is expected to detail its decision to revamp its $160 billion major modernization program Future Combat Systems (FCS) to focus first on Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) rather than Heavy BCTs and compressing the test schedule to support immediate needs in the current operational environment, sources said. The Army […]

Northrop Grumman Successfully Flies ASIP-Derived Payload

By Ann Roosevelt Northrop Grumman [NOC] said Monday it has successfully demonstrated the capabilities of a communications intelligence sensor package derived from its Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP) Product Line aboard the Army’s RC-12 Guardrail Aircraft. Guardrail is a precision targeting, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform with more than three decades of successful worldwide […]

JFCOM Moving Forward On C2 Portfolio Management

By Ann Roosevelt U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) is the voice of the services when it comes to joint command and control(C2), according to a command official. "We are the sole joint voice in developing capability," Air Force Maj. Gen. David Edgington, JFCOM J-8, director, Joint Capabilities Development Directorate, said at the Joint Warfighting Conference […]

Mattis: Irregular Warfare Is The Key Today, But Not To Exclusion of All Else

By Ann Roosevelt VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.–While irregular warfare (IW) is the key problem today, the military must not succumb to tunnel vision and lose competency in other areas of military operations, according to the commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM). "Irregular warfare, from my perspective, is the key problem that we face today," Marine […]

Joint Warfighting Is A Human Endeavor, Enabled By Technology

By Ann Roosevelt VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.–Technology is not the solution to improved joint warfighting, the U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) deputy commanding general said last week. "Joint warfighting is a human endeavor, technology is a key enabler but not a silver bullet. It is not an engineered solution," Army Lt. Gen. John Wood, JFCOM deputy […]