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Robert Work. Photo: U.S. Navy

McCain: Work’s Support of LCS ‘Makes Me Wonder About Your Qualifications’

The Senate Armed Services Committee took up the issues of acquisition reform and accountability during the confirmation hearing for the prospective deputy secretary of defense, Robert Work. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) stopped short of threatening to put a hold on the nomination, but he did have harsh words for Work, a vocal supporter of the […]

USS Freedom (LCS-1) during a to Singapore in 2013. Photo: U.S. Navy

Hagel Cuts Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship Buys To 32

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Monday he was reducing the Navy’s controversial Littoral Combat Ship program by 20 vessels, questioning whether the ship can adequately defend itself, and said he was instructing the service to examine more suitable alternatives for future small surface combatants. Hagel, previewing the Pentagon’s budget proposal for fiscal 2015 ahead of […]


DoD Proposes Cutting A-10, U-2 Fleets In FY ’15 Budget

The Defense Department plans to divest its fleet of A-10s and U-2 spy planes when it formally submits President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget request next week, with the A-10 cuts to be fiercely resisted on Capitol Hill. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel outlined DoD’s priorities with the FY ’15 budget request in a preview […]

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel previews the fiscal year 2015 budget request on Feb. 24 with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey.

Hagel: FY ’15 Budget Plan Slashes Troop Size, Some Modernization to Protect Readiness

The Defense Department will release a $496 billion budget request next week that sacrifices troop strength to preserve readiness and cuts some modernization programs to protects other procurement and research efforts of higher strategic importance, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Monday afternoon. The budget request for fiscal year 2015, which will be sent to Congress […]


Analyst: Acquisition Reform More Important as Program Cuts Expected to Continue Into FY ’15

Fiscal year 2015 might be a rough year for acquisition programs despite the Bipartisan Budget Agreement raising the Defense Department’s spending caps, making the joint Pentagon-Congress acquisition reform effort all the more significant, one defense analyst said. Arnold Punaro, a retired Marine Corps major general and former staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee, […]

The Global Hawk is one of the Pentagon highest profile unmanned system. Photo: Northrop Grumman.

Pentagon Working To Optimize Use Of Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Pentagon unveiled a strategy on Thursday aimed in part at reducing the amount of space the military requires on the government-reserved electromagnetic spectrum to help meet the Obama administration’s goal of creating more capacity for commercial purposes. The Obama administration in June 2010 instructed the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to work with the […]


F-35B Aircraft Fly In Formation In STOVL Landing Mode

Two F-35B variant aircraft flew in close formation while in the short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) mode for the first time last week, prime contractor Lockheed Martin said Wednesday in a statement. Pilots Peter Wilson and Dan Levin flew the test jets in STOVL mode with the F-35B liftfan engaged and the engine rotated downward. The […]


DoD Unveiling First Part Of Its Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy Thursday

The Defense Department on Thursday will release the first part of its electromagnetic spectrum strategy, which a top official said will focus on “flexible spectrum access.” DoD is proposing reallocating spectrum access as part of a presidential memorandum on behalf of President Barack Obama to open up spectrum for potential economic development. A 2010 presidential […]


DoD IG Says Authorization of GCV Contract Progress Payments Needs Improvement

The Defense Department Inspector General’s office Wednesday released a financial management report finding improvement is needed in DoD progress payments for Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) contracts, as contractors were allowed to receive more payments than federal acquisition regulations allowed. Army Contracting Command–Warren (ACC-Warren) procurement contracting officers (PCO) “provided two DoD contractors the ability to obtain […]