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Military Needs To Better Coordinate Which Weapons Systems To Use In Prompt Global Strike: GAO Report

The Department of Defense (DOD) needs to better coordinate which weapons systems should be used, and how they would be selected, for employment in global strike operations, including Prompt Global Strike, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated. "While DOD studies and officials recognize a need for a broad, holistic view of global strike development, DOD […]

Missile Defense Programs Little Mentioned As Critics Assail Pentagon Procurement Programs

Missile and missile defense programs were little mentioned during a lengthy congressional hearing where some major defense procurement programs were flailed for being over budget, under performance goals and behind schedule. Because missile defense programs generally have been within recent cost and schedule guidelines, they were little criticized in the overruns hearing. However, the same […]


Northrop Says Lockheed Joins Its Bid For GPS Work Northrop Grumman Corp. [NOC] recruited Lockheed Martin Corp. [LMT] to join a team competing for the Air Force Global Positioning System (GPS) Next Generation Control Segment (OCX) Phase B contract. The OCX modernization effort will provide mission enterprise control support for the existing GPS Block II […]

Key Senators See Missile Defense Agency Programs Succeeding, So Lawmakers Likely To Provide MDA Solid Fiscal 2009 Funding

Lawmakers who control the purse strings for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) see the emergent multi-layered U.S. ballistic missile defense (BMD) shield proceeding well, meaning the legislators are likely to provide robust support for the agency. It is seeking $9.43 billion for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2009. "This has been a good year […]

NASA Might Not Be Able To Complete Space Station Before Critical Space Shuttle Fleet Retires In 2010, GAO Report Warns

Weather, Technical And Logistics Problems, Could Prevent NASA From Finishing International Station By 2010 Deadline NASA faces a daunting challenge in completing the International Space Station (ISS) by the October 2010 deadline for retirement of the space shuttle fleet, a Government Accountability Office (GAO) analyst warned Congress. "NASA faces significant challenges in its plans to […]

Clinton Stands By Israel, Stands Up To Iran And Its Missiles; She Warns Iran Don’t Launch Nuclear Attack On Israel, Or United States Will Retaliate, Obliterate

Obama Criticizes Clinton For Issuing Warning, Sees ‘Saber Rattling’ Iran must not be so reckless as to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, because the United States would retaliate and "totally obliterate" Iran, Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on ABC, on the Good Morning America show. […]

German Ambassador Sees Iranian Missiles, Nuclear Program As Posing ‘Great Danger’

German Envoy Says U.S. Leaders Gates, Rice, ‘Brilliant’ In Handling Russian Objection To Installing Missile Defense System In Europe If ongoing Iranian production of nuclear materials leads to Iran wielding nuclear weapons in the Middle East, that would be a catastrophe for world peace, according to Klaus Scharioth, German ambassador to the United States. "A […]

Pentagon Needs To Take Added Steps On Operationally Responsive Space; GAO Finds, However, That Department of Defense Is Making Progress

The Department of Defense (DOD), while making progress in its operationally responsive space (ORS) programs over the past two years, needs to take additional steps to ensure that ORS requirements of combatant commanders are met, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to Congress. "At this time, DOD lacks a plan that lays out how […]

Small, Primitive Nuclear Weapon Detonated In Washington Would Wreak Destruction Over Wide Area, Two Studies Show

Total Destruction Of Buildings Near Blast Would Be Followed By Widespread Fatalities In Radioactive Fallout Over Many Miles Even a small, primitive nuclear bomb detonated on the National Mall in Washington would inflict enormously devastating damage over a wide area, according to information presented to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The committee […]

Allied Nations Interested In Buying THAAD Ballistic Missile Defense Systems

Space Based Radar Needed Because Ground Radars Blind In Some Spots Europeans Would Welcome Mobile Kinetic Energy Interceptor Missile Defense Some nations are interested in buying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) ballistic missile defense (BMD) system, John Young, the chief Pentagon weapons buyer, told Congress. THAAD, made by prime contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. […]